M O N T H  - O F  C O O R D I N A T I O N

This service is meant for those that love planning and details, but want simple reassurance and peace of mind that your big day will go off seamlessly. With this service, we come in a month prior to the event - allowing us to take over as the main contact for your already established vendors and work with them to create mutually agreed upon schedules, ensuring a seamless event. This service includes: 

·  Reviewing and finalizing all existing orders and confirming details (timing, location, loading zones, directions)
with all previously established vendors
·  Provide recommendations to bride and groom for event and assist with adjustments to existing vendor orders
·  Drafting a day-of schedule for the event  
·  Establishing a vendor payment schedule
·  Receiving all vendor deliveries and check quality and quantity
·  Onsite management of day-of event including set up and take down
·  Oversee and assist in event schedule management